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Clothing Accessories
Efficient high quality
One-stop boutique
Company's main products cover trademark tag, printing decorative accessories, jewelry accessories, waist belt, handbags and other clothing accessories

Efficient high - quality one - stop 

boutique clothing accessories

Features : exquisite chic, affordable, durable, good advertising effect.
Uses : clothing, bags, footwear and so on. LOGO can design up.
Specifications : according to customer specific requirements, to do the effect.
Process : through a variety of processing, get a variety of materials.
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Rosy Garment accessories one-stopcustom process


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In the end how to achieve high yield While ensuring product quality
Mature technology, stable product quality
● 13 years to focus on clothing accessories research and development, production, sales and service.
● companies from design and development to hot pressing, high frequency, plastic, plastic, plastic, Dijiao, etc .; silk screen, hot stamping, cutting, cutting and silicone technology.
Variety complete, meet various needs at any time
● Products include: brand licensing, silk trademark, trademark hanging tablets, logo trademark, silicone trademark, convex word ribbon, PVC plastic chapter, zipper head, weaving Mark, Velcro, silk screen voltage, hot pressing, belt, embroidery, hot Hot drilling and so on.

To provide you with high quality garment accessories

● currently has a high frequency, automatic cutting machine, embroidery machine, automatic together

Mold machine, carved machine, hot press, dispenser, leather standard washing machine, screen printing Taiwan

Pull, automatic screen printing presses, Heidelberg printing presses, embossing machines, and so on.

New style fashion, taste is special
● now more than 60 employees, with senior design, technical experts, including the development of design staff 6 people.
● companies strictly uphold the best products and services return customers.
ShangHai Rosy Garment CO,LTD
September 1992 set up factories in Dongguan, Guangdong, China;
March 2000 to set up the Shanghai huge profits Trade Co., Ltd.
December 2010 the company set up the integration of Shanghai Rongyi clothing accessories Limited
Our main production: leather superscript, leather handle, buckle, tag, belt jewelry and other clothing accessories.


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